Current Netkeeper of the Wisdom in Nature Network:  

Annie Spencer -

Assistant Netkeepers In support:

Roger Duncan -

Lucy Hinton - (Lucy also served as the previous Assistant Netkeeper to Jeremy Thres)

Previous Netkeeper

Jeremy Thres -


If you are a member of the Wisdom in Nature Network and would like to be added to the directory of practitioners, we ask for a small donation towards the creation & maintenance of the directory, site & development of resources

To do this, please make a small donation to The Wisdom in Nature Network by making a transfer with your name and web as reference to: Lloyds bank, account no 20581468 sort code 30-96-23

* We will soon be adding a links page but in the interim just to acknowledge the, from whose inspiration and international gatherings our net first arose. Though based in the US it also has international members. 
There is also a sister group in Germany: "the German Speaking European Network (link to follow) and a recently generated one in Southern Africa. 

he focus of the net is particularly in support of English speaking European practitioners*