Directory of Practitioners

A directory of Rites of Passage, Wilderness Quest Guides & Soul in Nature practitioners in the UK and beyond within Europe, for whom English is the common language. 


  • Rites of Passage practitioners: Rites of Passage are the “ancient’s conscious approach to change.”
  • Wilderness/Wilderness Quest Guides, a significant proportion of traditional rites of passage almost invariably take place within the womb of wild Nature. Wilderness guides conduct people to access the wilds knowing of its healing powers, reflective wisdom and challenges. To “Quest” is to very deliberately open to that wisdom and is a deep part of the pan-cultural mythic heritage.
  • Earth Wisdom: A term sometimes used for teachings and practices that emerge/have emerged from deep connection, be that ancient, modern or the intertwining of the two.
  • Soul in Nature: not all quests are rites of passage (though all may benefit from recognising the rite of passage context), nor do they fill days in length, nor take place in the deep wilds, (though some would say one can meet wilderness in your own kitchen). The learning and sharing frontier is necessarily diverse and long. May we respectfully grow, learn and share with each other.
  • Practitioners: those who experientially recognise the value of such work and have begun its study and practice, and are interested in its nourishment and nurture in service of life.

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NameOrganisation & LocationPhoneEmailWebsiteOffers
NameOrganisation & LocationPhoneEmailWebsiteOffers
Alex Hampson Wild Earth. Coventry, West Midlands, UK  02476 920 025 Environmental education, Youth & employability, adult learning & community programmes, events. 
Alistair & Frances Duncan Where Two Rivers Meet, Brighton 07710 935565 Nature-based workshops for individuals, businesses and health 
Annie Spencer Hartwell. Bath, & Cornwall, UK +44 (0)1225 312 728 Workshops, Vision Quest, Ceremonies, Trainings 
Caroline Frizell Moving Difference. South Devon 07787 982219 Dance Movement Psychotherapy ,Biography retreats & Ecopsychology for individuals & groups incl. those with learning disabilities.  
Chris Salisbury Wildwise, Dartington, Devon 01803 868269  
Chris Wilton & Sue Sully (v sad to say that Chris passed over in 2016, though understandably going through her own period of change and reassessment Sue is still an active member) Threshold to Connection, Sussex, UK 07919 810 527  Rites of passage courses (elders; health professionals; therapists; educators; adults facing major transitions); vision quest; guide apprenticeship 
Jeremy Thres  Regenco. Dartmoor, Devon 01647221444 20 yrs experience work of this Nature, LandTime, VisionFast/Quest, Guide Training, Talks, consultancy 
John Cadera, Joseph Pamphilon, Marta Maciejewska Wild Spaces Vision Quest, Loch Ussie/Inverness, Scotland Vision Quest for adults - currently running one group a year in August for 6 people. 10 day programme 
Lucy Hinton Stoke Newington (London), & Dartmoor (Devon) 07931 526 715 Over 15 years experience, Vision Quest/Solo vigil, Living & Dying, Fertile Void, Initiatory Potential of Illness, consultancy 
Marina Robb East Sussex, UK 01273 814226 Provision of learning with nature experiences & training for young people, adults, families, schools and organisations. 
Natalie Vickers Wild and Home, Solo time in nature, darkness work, various forms of journeying, ritual and ceremony, movement, music, song and sound as well as conscious touch. 
Phebe Gladstone Nomadic (Glos, Hants, far north & west coast of Scotland, UK) 07584307117  One to one & v.small groups in nature connection & specific wilderness programmes open to people with health restrictions. 
Raven Aisling Cygnus Therapy, Bristol, UK 0117 3789907; Mob 07956171854 Shamanic healing, ritual, ancestral and nature constellations, land blessing - most of the work is nature & land based. 
Rebecca Card NatureWisdom, Dartmoor One to one, Vision Quest, Grief Tending, Way of Council, 8 Shields, Deep Nature Connection, Medicine Walks 
Rhonda Brandrick and Micheal Connors HumanWildNature 07443046189 WildSelf programme incorporating the work of Bill Plotkin and Brian Swimme, mentoring, immersion days, nature retreats and training.  
Sebastian Kelly UK, Devon 07914 762941 / 01364 631436  Nature-based rites of passage; Inquiry and presence work in nature; nature solos; immersive nature experiences; menswork 
Showing 16 items