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The Wisdom in Nature Network

Particularly for Rites of Passage, Wilderness, Quest, Soulcraft & other Guides to work of this Nature.

Rites of Passage: a time honoured way to bring wider support and consciousness to change.

Wilderness, Quest: a key aspect to holistic rites of passage, is that a significant part of them almost invariably take place within the womb of wild Nature. Wilderness guides conduct people to access the wilds knowing of its healing powers, reflective wisdom and challenges, to quote Thoreau “in wilderness is the preservation of the World.” To “Quest” is to very deliberately open to that wisdom and is a deep part of the pancultural mythic heritage.

Soulcraft:  Not all quests are rites of passage (though all may benefit from recognising the rite of passage context), nor are days in length, nor take place in the deep wilds. There is wider work that complimentary to rites of passage supports our Earth oriented maturation. What it may be to become “fully human” as one elder put it, to be more rounded (often this work is based around the wheel, that most Universal symbol of Wholeness) supporting us more healthily towards being Elders not just olders. Soulcraft is one term (certainly brought forward, if not coined, by Bill Plotkin) which speaks to this, no doubt there are others.  

Earth oriented, for as is increasingly understood, interwoven with our personal transitions there is both an essential enquiry and necessary Transition underway at this time, that demands of our species to live from a greater understanding of our place within things, an ecological maturation. The deeper our understanding, the healthier our relationship to the Greater Whole, and the less we will undermine conditions that could support a healthy life for our children and future generations.

Guides: Those who guide work of this Nature in their respective fields whether as individuals or collaboratively, and whether students and/or seasoned practitioners. Having experientially recognised something of its value, they are interested in its nourishment and nurture in service of life.

The learning and sharing frontier is necessarily diverse and long. May we respectfully grow, learn and share with each other.

 To Join The Wisdom in Nature Network

To join the network email the new netkeeper Natalie Vickers on from whom you would receive occasional emails of information deemed relevant to the group. We would appreciate, particularly if we don’t know you, if you’d share a bit of your background as a guide and interest in the work as a gentle checking mechanism to support congruence of members and net.

There is also a group on the ecopsychology ning, a ning which a few of us were already part of and which felt like both a step towards our own perhaps in the long term, and something of merit in its own right with the overlap of the two movements.    So when you join we will send you the link to this.